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Wildlife Insights

This week launched Wildlife Insights – A wildlife conservation portal that is designed to collate the worlds trail camera pictures to give a greater understanding of wildlife populations.

All users are encourage to upload trail camera pictures. The technology uses the latest Google Tensorflow AI technology to spot each animal and catalogue the images. This saves hours and hours of manual work either done by camera trappers or online citizen scientists. At the moment, there are over 8 million photos on the system and rising.

Wildlife Insights is combining field and sensor expertise, cutting edge technology and advanced analytics to enable people everywhere to share wildlife data and better manage wildlife populations. Anyone can upload their images to the Wildlife Insights platform so that species can be automatically identified using artificial intelligence. This will save thousands of hours, freeing up more time to analyze and apply insights to conservation.

By aggregating images from around the world, Wildlife Insights is providing access to the timely data we need to effectively monitor wildlife. We are creating a community where anyone can explore data from projects around the world and leverage data at scale to influence policy.

Wildlife Insights provides the tools and technology to connect wildlife “big data” to decision makers. This full circle solution can help advance data-driven conservation action to reach our ultimate goal: recovering global wildlife populations.

My key thoughts

  • This is a fantastic use of AI technology. Google have really helped create a massive global resource that will help many scientists and ecologists learn and save more
  • It is said that most humans could analyse and label 300 to 1,000 images per hour. The Google AI Platform Predictions, Wildlife Insights can classify the same images up to 3,000 times faster, analyzing 3.6 million photos an hour
  • This project combines some of the biggest organisations giving an incredible global resource for the future. Support it and the good work they are doing for wildlife.

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