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Conservation technology

Sadly, conservation technology gets little press these days, however its benefits are huge. It is so good to read about conservation technologies like the Local Ocean Conservation turtle conservation teaming up with machine learning platform Zindi.

The tech-colab between the Kenya conservation group, assisted by Zindi a leading machine learning platform shows what can be done. This tech colab has resulted is better and cleaner data that will help turtle numbers and wider ecosystem.

Main points

  • The Local Ocean Conservation is based in Kenya and been helping a save and rehabilitate turtles off the coast of of Kenya for 20 years.
  • Turtles are a key indicator specie, helping scientist monitor other marine life as well as the wider ecosystem.
  • 20 years of data about turtles and teamed up with Zindi – A machine learning platform for helping projects in Africa with tech.
  • Through the scheme they have secured future co-development as well funding from Microsoft.


The old style of conservation is where organisations battled to get funding, acquire expertise and launch projects with limited knowledge, technology, expertise and resources. Today, technology can open doors to bigger and better opportunities. Many groups are turning away from in-house closed developments to collaboratively working across the world with shared ideals of combining skillsets in order to solve important world issues.

By thinking laterally, conservation science benefits hugely from wider skills, investment and applications. In a cash and time strapped conservation world, collaboration, shared vision is key. WIN WIN for everyone including the world.


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