AI plaster concept

Tech sketch: AI plaster concept

Plasters or coverings are designed to protect the user from infection. With a digital AI plaster, the technology will be able to monitor for any warnings signs of infection etc.…
Digital transformation

Tech sketch: Digital transformation

Digital transformation is so important for any business. However, there needs to be several steps to consider. Here is a tech idea sketch. Tech sketch concept. I have many concepts,…
Levels of AI transparency

Levels of AI transparency in finance infographic

The Alan Turing Institute has created an interesting framework for using AI in finance. ‘The use of AI in financial services ushers in promises of beneficial technological innovations as well…
AI is made up of 4 things

AI is made up of 4 things infographic

Artificial Intelligence in its simplest form is made up from 4 distinct elements. Crack these and your are winning. Feel free to contact me on how I can give value…
Artificial Intelligence helps reduce costs

AI helps reduce business costs infographic

Businesses that undertake AI digital transformations are seeing reductions in costs throughout their businesses. These are the finding from the latest IBM report on AI. Feel free to contact me…
Ai news and insights June 2021

AI News and Insights – June 2021

(Updated throughout month – Pop back for latest updates) Artificial Intelligence is proving to be one of the most important technologies this century. The development and application of AI technology…
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