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AI boat

Self autonomous boats are ready set the high seas. Take the new Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS) which is due to pilot from Plymouth to Cape Cod on its own esteem. The boat is fully equipped with the latest AI technology navigating the Atlantic exactly on the same path as the first Mayflower 400 years before.

The technology has been developed in Plymouth with the assistance of Big Blue (IBM).

AI Mayflower

Much like an autonomous car, an autonomous ship must be able to navigate a variety of challenging situations. These include other ships, buoys, rocks, and ocean hazards that could impede its path. One big difference with this ship is that it won’t simply be able to pull over if it runs into trouble in the middle of the Atlantic.

The MAS will take the same path as its namesake, the 1620 Mayflower, and sail from Plymouth, UK to Plymouth, Massachusetts to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the original voyage. There will be no captain and no crew on the ship. This will make it one of the first full-size, fully autonomous ships to make a transatlantic voyage.” – Quote from excellent RIDE article

My key thoughts

  • Already there is auto piloted planes so this so possible
  • The next logical step is to have self-autonomous ferries
  • The variables for sea AI algorithms must be more complex with the weather and sea conditions
  • Good luck for voyage and cannot wait to see if this is the future of sea travel

More information

Article by Ride

Press release for project

Please contact me more more information on the best AI technology and how to implement it.

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