Artificial Intelligence news and insights – March 2021

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Ai news and insights

AI is a revolution, changing the world at a hectic pace. Part of my excitement, is reading, learning and sharing the best of AI with my clients. This is a huge investment in time, so my clients can benefit from the latest and best insights available. Here is a selection to read this month. Please share this page.

AI in marketing and advertising

AI video ads (News)

Pencil creative agency is using AI to help generate video ad variations depending on the effectiveness of previous displayed ads. An interesting concept. Read more

Brand authenticity with AI (Article)

AI in marketing is in its infancy. However if harnessed right, the delivery of content could be highly personal adding to brand authenticity. Read more

AI future

AI wages (Opinion)

What happens if you develop Artificial Intelligence and it can generate a revenue for the population. This is an interesting concept by Sam Altman (Founder of OpenAI). With some job displacement, the new technology could help society. Pro AI pro Human. Read more

AI institute (News)

Deloitte, one of the worlds biggest consultancies, is setting up an AI institute in Canada. The institute will be the first of its kind and will help with AI adoption. Canada is on fire at the moment. Their private sector has attracted $3 billion in new investment. Read more

AI in government

UK government AI (News)

Looks like things are hotting up for the UK government as they develop their AI strategy. Maybe because the EU have already launched their AI white paper. Exciting times ahead. Read more

AI in retail

Fashion sustainability (News)

Ai is being embraced in fashion retail. Finesse develop AI to monitor sustainability in brands for its clothing ‘drops’. Read more

AI in science

AI weed control (News)

Ai is now heavily used in agriculture. Several US universities are looking at ways of using machines to detect weeds from crops. Interesting challenge. Read more

AI in sport

AI NFL (News)

Modern sports including the NFL is driven by results. With a lot more pressures in the game, coaches are looking at AI to gather in metrics of all kinds to help make better decisions. I can see this being the norm in all sports. Read more

AI technology

AI Google (News)

Developing a good method of sorting data is key. Google team have developed new technology and new methods helping sort through complex data sets. This could change search for the future. Read more

AI machine vison (News)

Machine vision cameras are extensively used in manufacturing to monitor issues at high speed. World leading optics company FLIR has teamed up with Neurala AI to create low cost technology. Read more

AI investment

AI for construction projects (News)

Alphabet venture arm GV backs nplan, a UK AI firm. They managed to raise £13 in their next round of funding. The technology monitors construction projects and helps reduce bottlenecks. Read more

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