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Poaching AI

As reported by Harvard press today, Harvard University have just created AI software for helping combat poaching in various parts of the world. The Protection Assistant for Wildlife Security (PAWS) software was developed by Milind Tambe – Professor at the University and his team.

The software uses AI to sift through tones of historical expert logs using SMART technology. This has been a huge success in cross correlating data and flagging potential threats in the future. Following the success of this, the plan is to roll it out to other areas or projects in the world.

‘We are very grateful that our PAWS AI software is now transitioning to worldwide use by rangers, and we are grateful for the SMART partnership and our partners in the World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society, and the other organizations that are part of SMART. It is very rewarding to use our science to assist rangers in their work; they are putting their lives on.’

My key thoughts

  • There is a huge problem with poaching around the world and this is a great use of AI tech.
  • The team worked with WWF and Microsoft Azure teams for the best results.
  • Research projects collect a huge amount of data. This is often hard to analyse easily therefor most gets mothballed. The new technology will not only unearth valuable data, but it may make the difference for the future.
  • If you could link this data up with LIVE AI video would give an even bigger dimension.
  • Thank you Harvard, WWF, Microsoft and all.

More information

 Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


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