AI solves human errors?

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AI errors

An interesting article by HRD raising the concept of AI being a more reliable in a more free flowing data world.

“Employees are not often provided with the appropriate security solutions, so they resort to well-intentioned workarounds in order keep pace and get the job done. As data continues to flow faster and more freely than ever before, it becomes more tempting to just upload that document from your personal laptop, or click on that link, or share that info to your personal email.”

Many believe that AI will replace human intelligence., but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, AI exists to empower human intelligence – it can take on the heavy lifting of data security, freeing up human intelligence to tackle the high-level issues that require creativity, experienced problem-solving capabilities, and a passion to drive the business to success.

My key thoughts

  • AI learning about company habits and spotting anomalies will become standard. It is already a major part of anti-virus and security technology sector
  • There will be a rise in edge AI security, where all technology will be checked and updated with locally processing AI. The AI engine will learn and improve security set to the companies protocol

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Article by HRD

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