Latest Artificial Intelligence AI news in June 2020

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Ai news June 2020

AI technology changes continuously. Part of my research to constantly monitor the latest new and trends around the world.

  • Win $10,000 USD in AI coding challenge – Code AI technology to help predict urban traffic flows in major cities
  • Is the AI beginning to fade? – I don’t think so, AI is being adopted in so much technology, research and processing. As tech and techniques are cheaper, AI is set to help add value to any business or organisation!
  • PAC-MAN Returns With Iconic AI Reboot, 40 Years Later. ‘Fully functional emulation of PAC-MAN without an underlying game engine’ Wow!
  • MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC News Releases Mitsubishi Electric Develops Cooperative AI for Human-Machine Work
  • AI in the business is crucial. 75% of execs say if they don’t look at AI they will be gone in 5 years
  • Scientists use AI to ‘standardise’ whiskey tasting reviews and understand ‘taste’ Interesting use of AI to monitor thousands of articles.
  • Interesting article @Forbes @LouisColumbusWays With the sheer volume of data, AI will play a pivotal role in monitoring and protecting utilities today:
  • OpenAI debuts commercial product for natural language processing. It has 175 billion parameters! Can’t wait to see how it preforms.
  • Ai is solving many problems in finance. A great article on how Barclays is preventing fraud with AI
  • To hot or too cold? AI Sensor System that give an insight into your workplace. Future office design?

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