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Calling all AI leaders….

There are so many individuals and companies doing amazing things in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, data, analytics and technology. 

Unsung heroes of this exciting frontier should be celebrated by getting the right exposure to the world. We can then all learn more about benefits of this powerful technology.

If you, your company, your technology or products use AI, ML, data, analytics and technology I would like to hear from you. You may be directly producing the technology or helping others get the best from the technology. The idea is share your vision, your AI journey and everyone wins.

So easy….

I will send you a brief questionnaire. I will write it up with a nice intro. Once you are happy with the writeup, this will get published and promoted to the right audience.

In order to get your word out, I will champion your AI involvement by:

  • Creating more awareness and exposure to the world
  • Sharing and educate the benefits of this technology

A perfect showcase…

I will feature a brief intro about you, your company, product etc. I will then write a Q/A style interview based on the questionnaire. This way, you can take your time and fill them in perfectly. Questions can be like:

  • How did you get into AI?
  • What are the benefits of using AI in your product?
  • What is the future for your company?
  • Etc….

Questions may vary depending if its about you, your company, product or AI involvement.

Once written, you will be able to check the content and I can also include links, logos, graphics etc.

A double win….

This is designed to a be a double win – You/your company will get publicity to the right audience and we get to learn from you, your company, technology or background. This FREE publicity will be hopefully be seen globally by:

  • Top media networks/ organisations
  • Top technologists and influencers
  • Investors and analysts
  • Governments and orgs
  • Education and enthusiasts
  • any many more….
Hopefully, I will feature as many people, companies, technology, products around the world as possible. 

Lets get started - The steps

  1. Fill in the contact form (right or below)
  2. I will send you a quick questionnaire
  3. I will write the article and send you a rough copy via e-mail
  4. The article with then be published on the website and be shared to all the media networks across the world

My plan is to feature as many people, companies, technologies from around the world. 

Please get in contact today and look forward to hearing from you.

* All information is purely for informational purposes only. All information is classed as sensitive and only the information that is consented to be published will be published. Any data will never be re-sold.


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