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Alexander Polyakov has written an interesting article for Forbes on the Six Reasons AI Does Not Deserve Our Trust

Main points

  • The premise of his piece is that AI lacks our Trust as it has several hurdles to jump
  • He states that AI still lacks morality, values, norms and prone to issues
  • How can we get AI to work in our best interest and raise trust levels
  • Outlines the key areas that are eroding trust – safety, privacy, security, robustness, transparency, fairness, ethics and accountability

There is no question that AI is influencing every aspect of our world. However, key to its adoption is to reduce friction or any doubt with humans. Low level AI may not need much moral guidance, however for more critical roles there should be build on a solid framework. I would go further to say that there should be a standard or protocol to cover these key issues. AI is a human creati and therefore we should make sure that it interfaces with humans with minimal friction as possible. I foresee the time when each AI will be monitored and rated. This is not a bad thing as it would give integrity and security resulting in high level of trust it deserves.

Great article Alexander. By understanding the issues we will make a better and more excepted technology.

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