AI insights – 2021 The Year AI Goes Mainstream

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AI insights 2021

Interesting article written by Rob Enderle about the predicting the use of AI and how it will go mainstream in 2021.

Main points
Key areas of AI covered in the article

  • AI chips from the likes of NVDIA going to improve video conferencing
  • Rise of AI digital assistants like IBM Watson that will offer greater flexibility and automation rather than what is offered today
  • AI food production – The prediction that AI will undertake many steps of food production

There is no question that 2020 has been one of the oddest years for the world. It has highlighted the need and importance of AI in the future. From the huge importance of pandemic research and modelling to disease diagnosis and cure. AI will no doubt make huge inroads into every aspect of business from analysis, automation, processing, production, sales and fulfilment. As time and resource are critical companies that adopt an AI strategy will prosper.

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