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Is AI really that new to the healthcare sector?

AI is transforming healthcare today. The AI Journal team had a great conversation with Halim Abbas of Cognoa.

Halim Abbas is the Chief AI Officer CEO of Cognoa, a paediatric behavioural health company that uses cutting edge AI. Tom and Kieran are part of AI Journal. A leading source of AI information.

Enjoy the video below. I have included a few insights/thoughts along the way.

AI insights and commentary

01:09 : Established 2011
Great to see an established AI company as most AI companies are much younger than this.

01:09 : Using Machine Learning for screening for autism
Cognoa are good to start in one particular niche of healthcare. Good to start with an actual problem and then use AI technology to help solve this. Have a well tested framework, analogue or not, is key to success. Once the theory works, then these can be applied to ML models.

03:49 : Charter for socially responsive AI
Great idea for any firm to have a socially responsive AI charter. A good framework for everyone to adhere to. If everything is worked off a baseline/charter, you can work from this. It will help guide the project and unify the team. Depending on your market, you may want to have more or less within your charter. But, this is a good base.

04.23 : Bias
Addressing bias is so important today. Having KPI’s is a great way of bench testing your bias over time. The bias levels will be set by your social responsibility charter.

08.35 : Working on an ML product for seven years
Some algorithms and models can take a long time especially in sensitive data areas like health. Having cycles of production, testing or iterations is a good way to strengthen the whole process and improve over time. This is a great way of refining a product to be better performing.

09:48 : Representative data
Good to fully test all your data so you can see if the data is representative of the whole data set and not skewed by various factors.

11:36 : Mindful of sector
Each sector is different for organising representative data. Medical sector is a lot more strict. Good to be aware of this.

12:44 : Avoid the traps
Having a clear governance really helps and awareness of legislation as this can evolve.

16:42 : Future of healthcare
Personalised healthcare is definitely possible. I think there will be a shift from spot monitoring to continual monitoring or profiling of patients. Using ML to spot sub areas of conditions and how to tailor treat may be the way forward. Maybe AI and ML will used in every sphere of finding and solving long term conditions.

18:45 : Knowledge through power of numbers
Great analogy by Halim. Power of AI. If a doctor sees 1000 children of a certain condition in a career, they may only a few patterns. If you have millions of doctors seeing multiple millions of patients and place into a clustering algorithm, this will see a lot more and in more detail. Yes, this is a good example of AI driving to further understanding, rather than just duplication. Well said, the secret of AI is to understand it and see where it can open up new insights for you.

21:00 : Holistic healthcare with AI
With AI devices going to the edge, the next logical step is to combine data into a more holistic method of long term wellness healthcare. Passive data collection, from multiple sources, will be easier as frameworks are in place.

22:00 : Be pragmatic in AI
So true, if you are going to build a business around AI. Try to solve a specific need or problem. Don’t re-invent the wheel. Try to get the best experts you can and make sure that they know about the subject and work with subject experts. Technology is a tool, people drive tools.

Thank you

Thank you Tom, Kieran and Halim for a fantastic video with lots of interesting insights into healthcare.


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