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My mission is to help you get the best AI for your company. I am incredibly keen and knowledgeable about AI and all aspects about business. I have over 20 years experience in the technology sector. I am a entrepreneur, strategist and technologist who is super keen to help others get the most out of AI.


Early tech years

From my early days programming a ZX spectrums, I have had a thirst for the latest technology. After graduating from university with 2:1 degree, I started my own internet marketing business with no clients and heaps of passion. Within 5 years, I worked with top brands like Disney, Nokia, Hewlett Packard to name a few.  


International camera business

Finding a gap in the market I then set set up a camera manufacture and retail company, buying and selling camera technology to the world. The company has become a leading camera company with clients from the BBC, National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, Royal Mint, Royal Navy to name a few.

Future connection

Throughout my life I have always had a thirst for understanding new technology and its interaction with humans. Every day, I devote time and effort in finding the latest AI technology. Being a technology entrepreneur, I know the importance of having a clear strategy with clear aims and 100% focus on ROI.

I am passionate about helping your company grow and reach its highest potential. Feel free to contact me today.


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