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Tuesday, 18 October, 2022

State of AI in the Enterprise report 2022 – Deloitte

At this time of year, I read a lot of AI reports. I enjoy reading the Deloitte reports as they tend to be more comprehensive, with detailed stats and key insights. This is the State of AI in enterprise 2022 (5th in the series) and is one of the extensive studies taken worldwide.

Report ideal for

  • Leaders and managers – CIOs, CTO’s, IT leaders

Key points

  • 94% of business leaders say AI is critical to success in the next 5 years
  • 79% of leaders surveyed reported full-scale deployment for three or more types of AI applications—up from 62% last year
  • 27% of 2,620 respondents were classed as Transformers (high achievers in AI)
  • Challenges starting AI projects
    • 37% Challenges proving business value
    • 34% Lack of executive commitment
    • 33%Choosing the right AI technologies
  • Challenges starting and scaling AI projects
    • 30% Insufficient funding for AI technologies and solutions
    • 29% Lack of technical skills
    • 33% Choosing the right AI technologies
    • 33% Choosing the right AI technologies
  • 37% see lower costs achieved
  • 34% are discovering valuable insights
  • 82% of respondents said that employees believe that AI tech will enhance job
  • 86% are tracking the ROI of deployed AI models and applications
  • 52% are hiring experienced professionals with AI skills

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Critical thinking and insights – For leaders, managers

In the past, the reports were mainly based on AI adoption and implementation levels. Today, this report is more about driving business value in AI. It highlights the need to invest in business culture and leadership. It is not easy putting together cutting-edge AI projects with so many things to consider. This is why getting the team working together is so important, adding value to the enterprise at every level.

Technology is essential but unified workforce is critical to orchestrating success. It is clear from the report that there are so many AI models being produced. However the outcomes need to catch up. It is, therefore imperative to look at developing solid use cases/problems or innovations that will drive value to the business.

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