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Tuesday, 4 October, 2022

AI tools 2022 – Insight – Bain & Company

“Many AI tools have been introduced, but few are being deployed at scale.”

Interesting graphic and research by Bain & Company in their Technology Report 2022. It shows different AI tools/applications and their level of deployment. The study is based on asking executives which tools/features are being developed and measuring the proportion of these that go into deployment.

Key thinking and insights 

This graphic illustrates where AI is mainly in an ‘experimental’ phase in many enterprises. What is needed is a good solid strategy to understand the core value of AI and a seamless transition towards getting ROI. By keeping an eye on these areas, deployment will increase, resulting in further investment. Also, I am encouraged by the breadth and depth of AI applications/tools. This is a good illustration of this.


The report is conclusive, with many interesting thoughts on tech in the global economy and worth a good read.

Please note

I have no affiliation with the companies/technology mentioned and is designed to highlight good work and thinking. This analysis is 100% independent for the benefit of the data/business community.

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