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Monday, 4 July, 2022

The path to AI maturity – LXT – Analysis

The path to AI maturity report – LXT

Measuring the AI maturity of a company is a great way of gauging how advanced they are in their AI journey. This report, has some interesting findings on AI maturity; about their needs, future growth and opportunities.

  • 53% of companies are spending between $1M – $50M annually on AI development
  • 60% of companies are still in the early stages of maturity
  • Innovation and growth are the primary drivers
  • 43% of financial companies are reaching high levels of maturity
  • Efficiency and productivity are the key drivers for AI
  • Lots more….

Key takeaway and insights
The vast majority of companies are still experimenting with AI and looking to scale their maturity. Most companies are spending healthy budgets, regardless of their revenue levels. Most companies are looking at AI to help innovate and scale their operation.

Read the report here (May need your details)

Purpose of this analysis

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