Monday, 4 July, 2022

Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Tech business news and insights – July 2022

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most critical technologies of this century.

The development and application of AI technology change daily. To be ahead of the curve, I spend a lot of time analysing, filtering and distilling the latest insights for all my clients.

Here are just a few interesting AI, ML, Big data, analytics, business, and technology news and articles that caught my eye this month. This news is going to focus more on business rather than technology.

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AI in business  – July 2022

AI is being used heavily in the commercial sector. I like to see how it is being used to good effect. This can help other businesses get the best out of the technology.

AI in fintech – July 2022

Here are a few companies making headlines in AI/Fintech.

Research news – July 2022

  • Cloud spending up – IDC has indicated that cloud spending was up 17.2% this first quarter to $18.3 billion. This covers dedicated and shared environments.
  • VR industry outlook – IDC has released some exciting research on the VR market and how it will change in the next few years.

AI technology – July 2022

AI tech applications – July 2022

Here are a few interesting Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and usage cases. This will help inspire what is possible with Artificial Intelligence.

AI government – July 2022

News and information from governments and organisations.

AI discussion and thinking – July 2022

  • Blake Lemoine dismissed from Google – After long leave, Blake was dismissed from Google for violating the terms of his employees about the LaMDA sentient discussion.
  • Interesting Deep Learning and AGI discussion with Lex Fridman and Oriol Vinyals (Deepmind).

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I invest many hours researching the latest AI, technology, and business trends for all my clients. The knowledge is refined, distilled, and combined with many other forms of analysis and expertise to give the best advice possible. 

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