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Monday, 4 April, 2022

Fintech AI Tech News and Insights – March 2022

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important technologies this century.

There is a lot of investment in AI and technology companies around the world. I spend a lot of time analysing, filtering and distilling the latest insights for all my clients.

In March there was:

  • $1763M invested in AI companies across the world

  • $147M averagely invested

  • 51% were at round A of investment

  • Greatest area invested in was AI, data, analytics technology

Funding in AI companies ($Millions) Listed by sectors - March 2022

Funding in AI companies ($Millions) Listed by sectors – March 2022

Funding rounds - March 2022

Funding rounds – March 2022

AI and tech company funding news – March 2022

Baymatob raises $3M – AI-guided health solutions

Onepredict raises $25M (Series C) – Predictive analytics and AI software for industrial applications

Saphyre raises £18.7M (Series A) – AI trade documents

Nucleai raises $33M (Series B) – Precision medicine with AI-powered pathology

Ggwp raises $12M – Games moderation

Glia raises $45 (Series D) – AI based CRM

DeepCell raised $73 (Series B) – Precision medicine using AI

Agxio raised $2.1M – AI / ML biotech, life science and agricultural solutions

GameFI raised $4M – AI game platform

GleanAI raised $10.8M – Finance platform using AI

Bodyguard.ai raised $10M – Online security using AI

LendAI raised $35M – AI driven finance

Maverick AI raised $5M (Series A) – Health AI

Jiffy.ai raised $53M (Series B) – Low-code/no-code intelligent automation platform

Lifescore raised £11M (Series A) – AI music generation

CardinalOps raised $17.5M (Series A) – AI powered security analytics

Silico raised $3.4M (Series A) – Digital twin platform

Level AI raised $20 (Series B) – AI driven customer service

Inworld AI raised $10M (Series A) – AI character building

Faros AI raised $16M (Series A) – AI platform

TrueCircle raised $5.5M (Pre-seed) – AI, Machine vision recycling

Bright security raised $20M (Series A) – Secure API testing platform using ML

Nayya raised $55M (Series C) – AI driven medical platform

Sparkbox raised $1.5M (Series A) – AI data-driven pricing and inventory analysis

Neuraspace raised $2.5M (Series A) – Using AI to reduce space debris

Syntiant raised $55M (Series C) – AI chip manufacturer

Datagen raised $50M (Series B) – Synthetic data and computer vision for AI

Mixmode raised $45M (Series B) – AI cybersecurity

Aggero raised $2M (Series A) – AI/Computer vision technology for marketing in gaming

Datagen raised $50 (Series B) – Self service synthetic data for AI

Glia raised $78M (Series C) – AI assisted customer service

Zesty.ai raised $10M (Series A) – AI driven property intelligence insurance

D-ID raised $25M (Series B) – AI re-enactment software

Alife raised $22M (Series A) – AI assisted IVF treatment

Applied XL raised $3.5M (Series A) – AI real-time information analysis

Rolebot raised $4.5M (Series A) – AI assisted recruitment

Logically.ai raised £18M (Series A) – AI disinformation platform

Onuu raised $6M (Series A) – AI driven financial packages

Truera raised $25M (Series B) – AI ML quality monitoring

Agxio raised £2.1M (Series A) – AI platform for solving global problems

Zeta Surgical raised $5.2 (Series A) – AI, robotics neurosurgery technology

authID.ai raised $22M (Series A) – AI anti fraud

Cowbell raised $100M (Series B) – AI cyber security

ArrePath raised $20M (Series A) – AI/ML health research

Bear Robotics raised £81M (Series B) – AI assisted hospitality robotics

Selector raised £28M (Series A) – Network aware AIOps

Insurtech Igloo raised £19M (Series B) – AI technology driven insurance.

Nautilus Labs raised $34M (Series B) – AI driven shipping decarbonation

Run.ai raised $75M (Series C) – AI optimization

Silent Eight raised $40M (Series B) – AI driven financial crime risk

AiFi raised $65M (Series B) – AI driven autonomous retail platform

Modern intelligence raised $5M (Series A) – AI-based maritime surveillance solutions

TrEra raised $25M (Series B) – AI/ML quality management

CVAID medical raised $4M (Series A) – AI driven health diagnosis

Timebyping raised 36.5M (Series B) – AI driven time keeping

nSure.ai raised $18M (Series A) – AI fraud protection

IUNU raised $24M (Series B) – Agriculture decision platform

Juli raised $3.8M (Series A)  – AI-powered digital health platform

Sanctuary AI raised $75.5M (Series A) – Human-like robots with AI

Aporia raised $25M (Series A) – Machine learning observability

OpenSpace raised $102M (Series D) – AI tools for construction projects

AI rudder raised $50M (Series B) – Voice AI technology

Boltzbit.com raised $1.6M (Series A) – Neural networks without code

Techforce.ai raised $1.5M (Series A) – AI Intelligent automation

ScribbleData raised $2.2M (Series A) – AI DevOps

Quadric raises $2.2M – AI edge chips

In summary
There has been an incredible amount of investment in companies that using AI. Please feel free to contact me for a getting the most out of AI for your business or start-up.

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