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Tuesday, 26 April, 2022

AI Fintech news and insights – Adept raises $65M

Adept have just raised $64M Series A. Adept is a AI/ML research and product lab building general intelligence systems.

The funding will be invested in their new natural language/transformer programming technology that allows existing software like Photoshop, Tableau, Airtable to undertake tasks automatically with ML/AI. Adept are made up by Kelsey Schroeder, Augustus Odena, Max Nye (ex Googlers) Erich Elsen (ex DeepMind).

“Transformers and their applications represent the single largest step towards general intelligence in recent history. But we believe true general intelligence requires Transformers that can act – not just read and write,” said David Luan, CEO and Co-founder of Adept. “At Adept, we’re training a model to use every software tool and API that people use today. ”

Thoughts and insights
As cloud driven software becomes more complex, AI and ML will be increasingly used to automate routine tasks. The key to the future will be automation between software too. The team behind this technology is pretty formidable and it will be good to see how it develops in years to come.

More information
Adept website
Press release

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