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Thursday, 20 January, 2022

Fintech AI News and Insights – January 2022

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most critical technologies of this century.

Every day there is a lot of investment in AI and technology companies worldwide. To be ahead of the curve, I spend a lot of time analysing, filtering and distilling the latest insights for all my clients.

Here are just a few interesting Fintech, funding and investment news in AI, ML, Big data, analytics, and business that caught my eye this month. Please feel free to share with others.

AI company funding news – January 2022

Ola electric raises $200 Million – E-scooter manufacturer

  • What do they do: Electric scooter manufacture
  • AI application: Ola use AI in their automation factory.
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Swiggy raises $700 Million – AI-assisted food delivery.

  • What do they do: Food delivery
  • AI application: AI-first company. Infrastructure to process insights from data.
  • Thoughts and insights: Swiggy has developed a technology platform that handles over 40 billion daily messages from 17 cities and 245 locations. They have built an AI-first product with system-based intelligence to help them process this volume of data. Using AI to automate data processing is an excellent way of reducing speed and increasing accuracy.
  • Read more: Case study or Click here

Terra quantum raises $60 Million – AI-assisted quantum computing

  • What do they do: Quantum computing
  • AI application: Developing neural nets to harness AI on a quantum platform
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Call simulator raises $575 Million – AI training

  • What do they do: AI training software
  • AI application: Automated AI-assisted speech-to-speech software.
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Watercraft raises $45 Million – AI healthcare

  • What do they do: Health robotics
  • AI application: AI-assisted robotics in helping humans walk
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Turing Labs raises $16.5 Million – AI manufacturing.

  • What do they do: AI technology that tests product viability
  • AI application: They have developed AI technology to test products before manufacturing
  • Thoughts and insights: Millions spend each year developing new products. Turing Labs AI technology will not only save CPG companies millions, but it will help get products to market quickly. Broader datasets could give more significant insights into customers, markets and more.
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Greenlabs raises $140 Million – AI agriculture

  • What do they do: AI agriculture tech
  • AI application: AI developed to enable farmers to monitor crops and get to market
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Otis AI raises $2.5 Million – AI marketing.

  • What do they do: AI marketing platform.
  • AI application: AI developed to allow SMEs and agencies to run campaigns on all digital platforms with AI insights.
  • Read more: Click here

Personetics raises $85 Million – AI finance

  • What do they do: AI Financial data
  • AI application: AI developed to digest vast amounts of financial information and gain insights.
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6Sense raises $200 Million – AI sales and marketing

  • What do they do: AI Sales and marketing data
  • AI application: AI developed to process more data to get better sales and marketing approaches
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Pavilion data systems raise $45 Million – AI IT

  • What do they do: AI processing and data storage
  • AI application: Special optimised pipelines and storage for data and AI.
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Diversio raises $6.5M – AI data

  • What do they do: AI data-driven people intelligence platform
  • AI application: A platform that uses AI to improve diversity
  • Read more: Click here

Reask gets funding – AI humanitarian

  • What do they do: Natural hazard modelling
  • AI application: Used to monitor world metrics to spot disasters before they happen
  • Read more: Click here

Helm.ai raises $30M – AI vehicles

  • What do they do:  AI and computer vision technologies
  • AI application: AI developed for autonomous vehicles
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Pixes raises $100M – AI marketing

  • What do they do: Produce codeless AI infrastructure for marketing
  • AI application: Develop self-evolving neural networks
  • Read more: Click here

Fusion connect raises $55M – AI cloud

  • What do they do: Manages cloud communication, collaboration and network management
  • AI application: AI-based management system
  • Read more: Click here

Honeycomb insurance raises $15.4M – AI Insurance

  • What do they do: Insurance Analysis
  • AI application: They have developed AI to streamline the insurance process at a speed
  • Read more: Click here

Capacity raises $27M – AI business support

  • What do they do: Support automation platform
  • AI application: Developed AI to form a ‘New type of helpdesk.’
  • Read more: Click here

Painworth raises $1.7M – AI insurance

  • What do they do: Automates simple personal injury process
  • AI application: Patented AI technology that uses AI to read legal docs with customer data to process claim
  • Read more: Click here

Clari raises $225M – AI business.

  • What do they do: Work out how business can generate more revenue and forecasting
  • AI application: Clari has developed AI to help business forecast and improve revenue
  • Read more: Click here

7bridges raises $17M – AI logistics

  • What do they do: Supply chain logistics
  • AI application: 7bridges have created an automated logistics AI platform that helps efficiency and reduces time and costs.
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Vice raises $12.6M – AI platform.

  • What do they do: Data science and AI asset sharing and documenting platform
  • AI application: Vectice uses the latest technology to manage AI/ML assets throughout the organisation. This platform-independent system allows developers of all backgrounds to collaborate efficiently.
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StructionSite raises $10 – AI construction.

  • What do they do: Construction project management
  • AI application: Structionsite has developed an AI construction platform to help manage projects. It uses computer vision and NLP to allow planning, reduce errors and improve efficiency.
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Seek out raises $115 – AI recruitment

  • What do they do: AI-assisted recruiting platform
  • AI application: Uses AI to find and match candidates for a particular position
  • Read more: Click here

Moffett AI $15.7 – AI electronics

  • What do they do: AI chip developer
  • AI application: Produces chips that can run AI quickly
  • Read more: Click here

Highspot raises $248M – AI sales platform

  • What do they do: AI sales enablement platform
  • AI application: Highspot have developed an AI and automation platform to help increase sales in an organisation
  • Read more: Click here

Shield raises $15M – AI communications.

  • What do they do: AI platform that monitors business communications for compliance
  • AI application: Shield has developed AI that monitors organisational communication for compliance issues. Spots legal issues, trade intelligence and insider trading
  • Read more: Click here

Boosted.ai raises $35M – AI finance.

  • What do they do: AI software for investment managers
  • AI application: AI platform allow portfolio managers, analysts and chief investment officers to augment their existing investment processes, source new ideas, and manage risks
  • Read more: Click here

Placer.ai $100m – AI analytics

  • What do they do: AI location analytics software
  • AI application: Online AI platform allowing the monitoring of audiences and competition and finding new business opportunities.
  • Read more: Click here

Second nature raises $12.5M – Online sales training

  • What do they do: Online sales training
  • AI application: AI and avatar-driven sales training and improvement platform
  • Read more: Click here

Describe raises $30m – AI Medical 

  • What do they do: AI-powered medical transcription
  • AI application: Automated AI-assisted notation engine that recorders and documents consultations
  • Read more: Click here

Mainly AI raises $25M – AI data

  • What do they do: AI-generated synthetic data
  • AI application: Mostly have developed AI that creates synthetic data for training AI.
  • Read more: Click here

Weka raises $73m – AI data

  • What do they do: Data management platform
  • AI application: Weka is a data platform that addresses the AI/ML storage challenges.
  • Read more: Click here

Craft raises $146M – Investment

  • What do they do: AI-assisted asset management
  • AI application:  Using algorithms to monitor investment portfolios and spot opportunities
  • Read more: Click here

Avataar raises $45M – AI sales

  • What do they do: 3D augmented product service
  • AI application: Uses AI and computer vision to give powerful product visualisation.
  • Read more: Click here

HealthTap raises $1.1M – AI health

  • What do they do: Malnutrition monitoring
  • AI application: Uses AI to predict malnutrition in hospitals
  • Read more: Click here

Fractal raises $360M – AI analytics

  • What do they do: Data analytics and consultancy
  • AI application: Fractal incubates many new AI startups as well as monitors performance
  • Read more: Click here

White Rhino raises $7M – AI robots

  • What do they do: Autonomous AI robots
  • AI application: AI autonomous technology
  • Read more: Click here

X0pa raises $4.2M – AI recruitment

  • What do they do: AI hiring platform
  • AI application: AI technology for recruitment
  • Read more: Click here

Siera.ai raises $6.8 – AI safety

  • What do they do: AI monitoring and safety system
  • AI application: AI technology to help monitor warehousing vehicles and forklifts.
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