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Wednesday, 5 January, 2022

AI News and Insights – January 2022

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most important technologies this century.

The development and application of AI technology changes daily. In order to be ahead of the curve, I spend a lot of time analysing, filtering and distilling the latest insights for all my clients.

Here are just a few interesting AI, ML, Big data, analytics, business, and technology news articles that caught my eye this month. Please free free share with others.

AI in business – January 2022

UK stats on AI adoption

The UK government has just released latest stats on AI adoption as well as projected growth.

Thoughts and insights – Looks like there is 15% of UK businesses are using AI and this is projected to grow fast. This is relatively low and huge opportunity for companies to create a lead in their industry.

Small business using AI

A quarter of small businesses in US are using AI for all aspects of their business. More

Thoughts and insights – AI is not the reserve of large multinationals. There are plenty of applications where AI can can huge benefits. Please feel free to talk to me and we can explore further.

Manufacturing resilience with AI/ML

Great discussion with Paul Calver with regards to harnessing the power of AI/ML in manufacturing.

AI News – January 2022

New Centre for Artificial Intelligence

New AI institute opens in Austria. It will look all aspects of AI research helping push the technology further. More – Press release here. Or institute here

Thoughts and insights – Having new frontiers in AI is must. We should keep developing ideas and technologies for the future. Any new institute is a must today.

193 countries sign up to UNESCO global agreement on AI Ethics

193 countries have signed up for the UNESCO AI. Apparently, “AI is also supporting the decision-making of governments and the private sector, as well as helping combat global problems such as climate change and world hunger.” By having this policy, it will help reduce ethical AI issues. More here

Thoughts and insights – AI ethics is an important issue. Having a unified strategy on AI ethics is a good idea. Although, it may be seen as a restriction, the unified ethics will give confidence to the industry.

United AI strategy for Arab states.

Initiatives are being put in place to create a unified AI strategy for Arab states . More here

AI Science and Research News – January 2022

AI used to predict tsunamis
The University of Cardiff is using AI and acoustic technology to help predict future tsunamis. More from official paper or as reported in phys.org

Thoughts and insights – Great use of the power of AI technology. They use classification and regression to process and predict from the huge amounts of data, easily, quickly and with accurately.

AI technology – January 2022

New AI Language model

DeepMind has announced Gopher, a 280-billion parameter AI natural language processing (NLP) model. The model is trained on 10.5TB corpus called MassiveText. The model showed benefits in knowledge-intensive tasks, reduced ‘toxic language’.

Thoughts and insights – The more we use different AI models, the more we are finding limitations. New models like these will appear for specific applications. One of the encouraging things of Gopher is that ethical awareness to give confidence in its application.

AI used to check other AI

Chelsea Flinn of Stanford University has designed an algorithm to check here students algorithms. This way she can check many more students works with greater accuracy.

Thoughts and insights – AI is going to be increasingly used in tuition and grading. The benefits are having the ability to grade more, faster. With detailed algorithms, you can spot many more aspects of coding as well as continually grade if needed.

Microsoft using AI for bug checking software
Special algorithms are being used to spot errors in software code. More

Thoughts and insights – AI is going to be central to software development. The technology can speed up and reduce development costs.

Data labelling is key
Good algorithm models need quality labelled data. Great article on importance of data labelling.

Thoughts and insights – Good data labelling is worth its weight in gold. Having good labels can reduce errors and speed up results.

AI painting detection
AI is being used to decipher contested paintings by analysing brush strokes. The AI, once trained, is 96% accurate.

Thoughts and insights – This is impressive technology. With ANNs, they have an amazing ability to spot detail and compare quickly and easily. The speed and accuracy of this technology can help any business where these skills are needed.

AI used to craft jokes – Time magazine
Oregon State University is developing AI technology that can help write linguistic humour. Deeper article on developing AI jokes here

Thoughts and insights – It is exceedingly hard for machines to develop humour. By using AI, algorithms could take cues from wide range of datasets, from sound, video as well as popularity for certain jokes. By developing this technology, it could have huge applications in deeper interactions with automated bots and systems.

AI IoT and what is it? – Marktechpost
Internet of things (IoT) is where devices are connected to each other, creating a network of intelligence. The new AI versions, allow devices to collect data, allowing AI to process and give greater insights. More on this.

Thoughts and insights – With the huge growth in AI, 5G and AI edge technology, devices are going to become more intelligent. Where data is a problem, these devices will help collect, process data at huge rates creating bigger AI opportunity for most industries. I foresee a time when all devices will become intelligent and interconnected.

Breakthrough AI-based image signal processing
Ambarella has just released a new video processor that uses AI to improve live video. This enables cameras to have better definition or quality under various conditions ie low light upto 4K resolution.

Photography made simple
NVIDIA have updated their AI Canvas software that allows you to create photographs with simple drawings. Now with higher resolution images.

Thoughts and insights – This is going to be very useful in creative industries from visualisation to creative artwork.

About AI – January 2022

Discussion about AI with Prof Stuart Russell
Interesting discussion with leading AI expert Professor Russell. He discusses the promise and perils of AI with WEF at DAVOS.

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