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Tuesday, 7 December, 2021

Priorities for the National AI strategy report analysis

An interesting policy discussion document has been released by the BCS – The chartered Institute for IT about a National AI Strategy for the UK. The report echoes the UK National Data Strategy and UK AI Council Roadmap.

The idea is to embrace a national data and digital infrastructure. The report concentrates on four national strategy outcomes where the computing professionals can make a difference and make Information technology a benefit to the public.

Key insights

The key main areas covered are:

  • Trust in AI
  • Making AI diverse and inclusive
  • AI qualifications to close digital divide
  • Reduction of sustainable decarbonisation

Who for
The document is for anyone in private, public sector computer and ICT technology who are interested in implementing AI.

Key thinking
There are lots of good points that include:

  • Computer professionals should solid harness partnership with the government
  • Advance education to in computing and information technology for the benefit of the public
  • Build public trust in data, algorithms as this is crucial
  • Attracting AI professionals with diverse and inclusive backgrounds
  • Concentrate on encouraging the right skills and education
  • Encourage sustainable decarbonisation
  • Create conditions in the UK to help scale up the use of AI

In summary
The report has some good thinking for government and national policy. Any thinking that encourages the adoption of AI and skilling is good. There are some practical advice for implementing as well as solving some national and international issues. What is clear is that there should be a National Strategy for AI and integrated roll-out for success.

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